For analysis of gene structure, Gene Expression profile, and more〜
  Pronem(Proteomics, Next move)
    Sequence Databases has some problems.
  Sequence Composer
    Sequence Databases has some problems.
    This Sequence Database support identification of peptide/protein.【Free Download】
    A comprehensive amino acid sequence database with reduced redundancy.
  HiCEP high coverage expression profiling
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A related thesis of Sequence Composer was reported. 

Takao Kawakami, Junko Ozaki, kazuhiro Kondo, Shinji Sato and Harunoru Yunokawa.
Amino Acid Sequence Database Suitable for the Protein and Proteome Analysis.
Current Proteomics, 2008, 5, 267-274

About evaluation trial sequence database of Sequence Composer.
We opened 「Proteomics, next move」to the public.
We attend at the 55th ASMS Conference.


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